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Pay-per-Mile Auto Insurance

Pay-per-Mile Auto Insurance

There’s a new kind of auto insurance available today, and some drivers are using it to save money. Pay-per-mile insurance might be right for you if you don’t drive much or have a clean driving record.

You might have heard of pay-per-mile auto insurance under other names:

  • Pay as you drive
  • Usage-based insurance or UBI
  • Pay how you drive
  • Pay as you go

The idea behind pay-per-mile insurance is that careful drivers or those who use their vehicles very little have a lower chance of being in an accident. That means they shouldn’t pay as much as other motorists for auto insurance.

With many of our clients in Portland, Gresham, and Beaverton driving very little the more remote work becomes the norm, we see more people qualifying for pay-per-mile insurance.

Collected Data Decides Your Insurance Discount

How do you qualify for pay-per-mile auto insurance? We first need some information about your driving habits.

We ask about your history of tickets and insurance claims, as well as how many miles you drive. Sometimes, low mileage must be documented by a device that records the odometer or periodic photos of your odometer sent via your mobile phone. Dashboard devices (telemetrics) may also be used to record GPS data, driving speeds, braking, turns, and the time of day you drive.

Pay-per-Mile Auto Insurance Offers Many Benefits

You’re likely to find a host of benefits with pay-per-mile auto insurance, besides the cost savings:

  • You will be a more mindful driver since your insurance costs are related to driving performance.
  • You’re no longer lumped in with other motorists when it comes to driving and insurance statistics.
  • Parents can observe the driving habits of teen drivers using telemetrics.
  • You have more insurance options available to you.

Call Us to See if a Pay-per-Mile Auto Insurance Policy Is Right for You

If you like choosing from a wide range of insurance options, you will appreciate working with independent agents like Chamberlain Insurance Agency. We have a large menu of insurance products in every category, not just auto insurance. And we’re able to provide the kind of personalized service you don’t get with big-name companies.

To learn more about pay-per-mile insurance, give us a call today at 503-256-1448. You are also welcome to reach out online to start a quote and begin saving on auto insurance right away.