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Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance

If you own a business, liability insurance is a must. Unfortunately, lawsuits are a part of enterprise today, whether for slip-and-fall injuries, libel, or errors. General liability insurance protects your business in the event someone successfully sues it for damages.

Without general liability insurance, also known as commercial liability coverage, if someone wins damages against you, your business or personal assets might be confiscated to cover the cost. Most folks can’t afford that type of loss. Every year in Oregon, business owners lose their investment because they don’t have the right insurance protection.

General Liability Insurance Covers Many Scenarios

General liability insurance for businesses is designed to cover a multitude of common business scenarios. This includes:

  • Property damage
  • Damage to rental property
  • Personal and bodily injury
  • Medical payments
  • Injury caused by advertisements

You can also add more specialized coverage, such as:

  • Errors and omissions insurance (AKA professional liability insurance) – for businesses where errors can have dire consequences, like engineers, architects, accountants, attorneys, accountants, and insurance agents
  • Employment practices liability insurance – wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and accusations of employee rights violations
  • Directors and officers insurance – for when officers and directors of the company have had allegations of causing damages

Enjoy Peace of Mind When Your Business Is Properly Protected

It’s normal to worry when you’re a business owner because everyone looks to you for guidance. A general liability policy gives you one less thing to worry about. For even more liability coverage, we often recommend a commercial umbrella policy to pick up where your general liability coverage is capped.

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As independent agents, we offer a larger menu of business insurance products than you’ll find elsewhere, and we provide a level of personalized service that’s hard to come by these days. We’re here to help whenever you need it.